About Passages Malibu

Drug and alcohol addiction can happen to a person at any age and at any time. Pax Prentiss was a young man who spent ten years of his life drifting deeper into the depths of addiction, at one point finding himself dependent on no less than four major substances – marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, and heroin – before finally gaining the courage and motivation to ask his father for help. Chris Prentiss was glad to oblige. It was the beginning of Passages Malibu, though no one was aware at the time.

Chris had watched firsthand as his son became increasingly distant and erratic, forging checks and taking from his closest friends and relatives to get what he needed. Pax went from using substances to get high to using them just to escape the reality of what he’d done and who he was becoming. He eventually found himself hospitalized as a result of his actions and knew that he had to reform. The time had come to either change or lose every positive aspect of his identity, something which Pax and his family absolutely refused to let happen.

Pax chose to get help and diligently listened to the advice of leading treatment specialists. Though they would succeed in ridding him of the physical addiction itself time and time again, these centers would not be able to rid him of his desire to use. If anything, their negative stereotyping discouraged him greatly and made him want to escape his shame through more drugs and alcohol. After all, they were labeling him as an “addict” and convincing him that he was powerless to his addictions.

However, both of these statements simply were not true. Although Pax was in dire state because of his choices, he was far from powerless. He also did not fit the stereotypical image of an addict that these places subscribed to. Chris and Pax decided that modern treatments were not suitable for his problem and decided to research alternative solutions as a way to preserve his identity. They were one step closer to founding Passages Malibu, though again neither of them knew it at the time.

By embracing holistic techniques that have been around for centuries and fusing them with the medical wisdom of modern technology, Pax was able to rid himself of all his addictions. He was not only physically freed from addiction, but mentally and spiritually freed as well. Pax found the core causes of his addiction and peacefully resolved them without dehumanizing himself through negative thinking. It was a natural process using absolutely no toxins or prescription medications.

Pax became the co-founder of Passages Malibu in 2001 on the day of his one-year-sober anniversary. It was a way to celebrate his newfound independence from drugs and alcohol and also a way to send an important message to others who are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction that a full holistic recovery is possible. Now you can recover organically in ways that are very similar to what worked for Pax at Passages Malibu, California’s luxury drug rehab center of choice.