Where is Passages Malibu’s Location?

Passages Malibu can be found in the delightful beach town of Malibu, California. This prime locale is where premiere beaches and beautiful hiking trails mix with celebrity sightings and designer shopping to form one of the hottest places in all of Southern California. A typical day at Passages Malibu will begin with waking up in your deluxe detox unit overlooking the Pacific Ocean. From there, you have the entire 10-acre campus to explore.

Outside of Passages Malibu, you’ll be able to check out these spots during your unsupervised leave:

  • Beaches – Almost every tourist comes to Malibu to check out the beaches. Everyone knows about Zuma Beach and Lagoon Beach, but Amarillo, Carbon, and Broad Beach are just three of the less-frequently discussed gems. You’ve got to go dolphin and whale sighting while in Malibu!
  • Trailers – Solstice Canyon, Grotto Trail and Escondido Falls give you terrific peaks and valleys for breathtaking views that you’ll remember for a lifetime.
  • Dining – Malibu is known for its organic eateries like Malibu Farm on The Pier. Otherwise, Nobu or Geoffrey’s offers incredible world-class dining with an ocean view!
  • Shopping – The Malibu Country Mart and Canvas are two perfect examples of premiere shopping. Malibu Country Mart is located off the Pacific Coastal Highway and includes Oliver Peoples, Madison and Mr. Chow. Canvas is a two-story clothing boutique and art gallery.
  • Culture – Museums, architectural landmarks and other incredible exhibits are waiting to be discovered in Malibu, California.

Other Notable Locations

  • El Matador State Beach – Large rock formations create natural geographical art in the dunes.
  • Point Dume – More rock formations and arguably the best natural landmarks in all of Malibu. You’ll also find a hiking trail and whale-sighting locations.
  • The Pier – Located along Surfrider Beach, the Malibu Pier is a tourist destination where two organic eateries – the Malibu Farm and Malibu Café – can be found.
  • Maxfield – Find everyday casual wear and designer furniture at this upscale boutique.

Passages Malibu is 3 miles east of Zuma Beach, 6 miles southeast of Trancas Canyon and 3 miles northwest of Solstice Canyon (two unforgettable hiking trails), and 11 miles west of Mastro’s Ocean Club (an award-winning gourmet establishment).

Get Luxury Rehab in Southern California With Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu utilizes holistic and conventional medical practices in a way that lets patients recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction while retaining their personal identity and humanity. The Mediterranean environment of Passages Malibu promotes positive self-reflection and eliminates stress, allowing the healing holistic modalities to permeate deeply into the fibers of your being. If you are ready to eliminate a drug and alcohol addiction, then contact us today. Our care coordinators are ready to listen and learn more about you so they can offer all the help you need.

Are You Ready to Recover in Malibu, California?

Passages Malibu gives you a chance to freely roam these memorable places during the recovery sessions at our facility. They also offer luxury amenities and a lux environment during your stay in the inpatient rehabilitation program. Whenever you feel like needing a shoulder to lean on during your recovery and enjoying a luxury experience, just give us a call on contact number.