Passages Malibu’s Ultra-Holistic Philosophy

Passages Malibu offers an all-natural approach to drug and alcohol addiction which favors holistic healing and around-the-clock care over synthetic prescriptions and quick-detox programs. We caringly provide our patients with 65 hours of personal one-on-one therapy as opposed to group meetings, which are always kept to a minimum. It’s all part of keeping your needs as the main focus throughout the course of your recovery.

The individual attention you’ll receive at Passages Malibu is world-class. Personal trainers and chefs mix with counselors, therapists, nurses, doctors and other specialists who are designed to respectfully examine and improve all areas of your life however possible, from family and marriage therapy to spiritual and grief counseling, and much more. Your Treatment Team will prepare an exciting customized treatment program for you to follow in-between luxurious amenities and gourmet meals.

This treatment program contains holistic modalities ranging from massage therapy and acupuncture to hypnotherapy, music, art and aroma therapies, and so much more. All of these modalities are carefully designed with your individual needs and learning style in mind to better unlock revelations and help you reach your full sober potential. Our philosophy guides you towards self-improvement in a way that’s reflective and rewarding, and in this sense, these are lasting lessons that extend far beyond our campus.

The Four Main Causes of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Everyone’s story is different, but the core causes of addiction are the same. No matter what kind of addiction you have or how long you have been addicted for, all addictions can be broken down into four main causes. You may have all of these causes or you may have only one, but the causations are always the same no matter way. Fortunately, Passages Malibu is well-prepared to handle addictions that have arisen as the result of the following circumstances: