5 Reasons to Choose Passages Malibu Over Nearby Los Angeles Luxury Rehab Centers

There are many Los Angeles luxury rehab centers available, but just 30 miles west lies a special place called Passages Malibu. Passages Malibu is a world-famous luxury rehabilitation center that uses all-natural holistic healing modalities to help patients recover from drug and alcohol addictions. Here’s why people are choosing Passages Malibu time and time again over Los Angeles luxury rehab centers.

1.) Name Recognition

For years Passages Malibu has financed an aggressive national advertising campaign that would not have been possible without its initial wave of success. Unlike Los Angeles luxury rehab centers, Passages Malibu was named by Forbes as one of the most luxurious places to recover from an alcohol addiction. Passages Malibu was also ranked #1 by Healthcare Global.

2.) A Beachy Setting

Passages Malibu has something that no Los Angeles luxury rehab has: a subtropical beach setting that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This natural setting is the perfect place to melt away stress and get into a rejuvenating mindset. Many people choose Passages Malibu over Los Angeles luxury rehab centers just for the peace and quiet alone.

3.) World-Class Care

Passages Malibu belongs in the top 5 percent of elite medical facilities accredited by JCAHO. This means that we provide the highest level of service and exemplary patient care while sparing no expense. At Passages Malibu, nurses are available 24-7 and doctors will frequently visit you every 15 minutes during the initial detoxification stages – and that’s just the beginning.

4.) Holistic Healing

Not many Los Angeles luxury rehab centers offer holistic practices, and the ones that do simply cannot compare to Passages Malibu. If you want to organically heal yourself instead of relying on substitute prescription medications, then come to Passages Malibu. We only adhere to all-natural ways of healing that use absolutely no toxic chemicals. By following our holistic philosophy, not only are you physically cleansed of an addiction, but you are also mentally and spiritually rejuvenated as well.

5.) Customized Treatment Program

A customized treatment program means that your Treatment Team will work together to develop a way to become sober that retains your humanity and teaches you lessons that can last a lifetime. A combination of physical routines such as yoga, meditation, massage and equine therapies are mixed with conventional one-on-one therapy sessions and limited group meetings to provide effective results.


Passages Malibu is Ready to Accept You

If you don’t like the general atmosphere of Los Angeles luxury rehab centers, then come to Passages Malibu for an alternative approach. Our customized treatment program will leave you feeling empowered and in charge instead of hopeless and alone. When you are ready to seek treatment that no Los Angeles luxury rehab center can provide, then call us today and speak with a compassionate Care Coordinator. They will listen to all of your questions and provide you will the initial help you need to become sober and enjoy a fulfilling life again. We take calls at any hour, so please call now.